About Us


Welcome to Training Olives!  I’m Gayle, the writer of this blog.  I’ve been married to my dear Mark for over two decades.  We’ve known each other our whole lives and entered into wedded bliss when were were merely babes (or at least it feels that way since we’ve got kids that are that age…ha!).  It’s been a wild and amazing ride, and I can’t imagine doing life with any other person on this earth.

We’ve been blessed with with 7 pretty incredible kids which we refer to as “The Crew” from blog days of old.  They range in age from 19 all the way down to one, so yes, we have our hands full.  It’s ok, we like it that way.  😉

Homeschooling and parenting The Crew is pretty much what I do full time.  I love my calling as a wife and mama so I share a LOT about it on these pages.  You will also find plenty about food {because they need to be fed!}, our adventures {we never sit still}, and how I strive to keep everyone as healthy as possible {doctor bills are expensive when you’ve got a family this size, so we try to avoid it! 😉 }.  I also love my Savior.  He is the reason I do anything that I do, from mopping the floors and wiping noses, to teaching the them how to read, and filling out high school transcripts.  He alone has given me this task, and even apart from all of those things, I am defined, first and foremost, as His child.  So, I talk about Him a lot, too.  Always interwoven into every post, and sometimes just my thoughts about this walk, period.

My prayer is that this blog can be an encouragement to any who stop by as we live out our calling as Christians in a real and completely imperfect way.  We hope to honor and glorify the LORD in all that we do, yet we desperately need, and hopefully reflect, the amazing and abundant grace that Christ so freely gives. Thanks for reading. ❤


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