Working Hard

This is actually just a test post, but  I can hardly seem to have this blinking cursor in front of me without saying something.

It’s been awhile.

Which is why I’m attempting to switch things over to the free version of my website.  Maintaining a blog while raising/homeschooling seven children has turned out to be completely impossible for this mama, so I can’t justify the expense of letting it sit there any longer.

However, I also simply cannot keep from having some blog somewhere that belongs to me.  No matter how dusty, neglected, and full of “I wish this blog weren’t dusty and neglected” posts there are, it’s just part of who this person is.

Today, I’m going to attempt to transport all of my existing blog over to this one.  Honestly, I don’t expect it to go even remotely smoothly.  Not to be pessimistic at all; it’s really just the nature of the Bloggy Beast.  Update:  It was as smooth as silk!!  Go figure!!  I can’t believe it was that easy.  Way to be awesome, WordPress! ❤

Man, it feels good to blog.


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