A three month break?  Sounds about right since that’s a trimester.  😉  This will not be news to anyone reading this since we announced when we found out, but for the blog’s sake, we discovered mid-December that baby number seven will, Lord willing, make his/her appearance sometime in August.  We are so very excited!

Quickly following an announcement, though, is when this Mama is usually hit with a nice case of morning sickness.    I was really doing pretty well, except for being extraordinarily tired, up until we got the flu in January.  I was 9 weeks when it hit us, and while I did get it, my fever never really got above low-grade, so for that I am very, very grateful.  However,  by the time the worst of the flu was over, my “morning” sickness kicked into full-gear. It’s been a rough few weeks, and just like before, I’ve never been able to blog on through those days.  I probably wouldn’t want my thoughts recorded anyway, truth be told… ha! 😉

The good news is that warmer weather is here (mostly), I’m having more good days than bad days in the pukey department, and my energy level is finally coming back up.  I found a new OB that I really like, too.  I didn’t get in to see her until I was 13.5 weeks because I was planning to use the Birthing Center right around the corner.  Sadly, though, my insurance is one of the few that they don’t accept.  I was so discouraged about that (SO DISCOURAGED), but I asked a midwife which OB she would recommend, and that’s how I found the one that I’m using.  When I finally decided to make my way in, I realized that we have a great rapport!  She seems respectful of the fact that this ‘ain’t my first rodeo’, and that’s important to me.

The biggest deal, though, is that I found out right away, with the initial in-office ultrasound, that I have placenta previa.  This is where, once again, I am reminded that we should trust God when He shuts a door because it’s ALWAYS the very best thing for us.  If I’d have gone to the Birthing Center, I’d have likely had no ultrasound until -at least- the middle of my pregnancy, and there are precautions that need to be taken right now to ensure the safety of the baby while the previa is an issue.  Not only that, but a lot of OB’s are weird about taking new patients on after 20 weeks, and I would not have been allowed to give birth at the Birthing Center because 1.  I’m now high risk and they don’t see high risk patients, and 2.  If the previa doesn’t clear up, it is truly a situation in which I’d need to have a C-section.

We are praying that, as my uterus expands, the placenta will “move up” and I can continue on with my plans to have the baby naturally.  If anyone knows me, they know that the thought of a section makes me extremely apprehensive, but I trust God with this.  If He allows the placenta to remain in it’s current place, then I will deal with it and be grateful for the ability to have a surgery that will save the life of my baby and me.  It’s definitely *not* the path that I’m hoping for, but I trust Him.  Prayers for this to resolve would be GREATLY appreciated, though!

In the meantime, this is our newest little peanut ❤




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